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Monday, March 21, 2011

Sunny Days

 This Sunday we were over at Kimberly's house and it was a beautiful day. We (or I) drew a sidewalk drawing out of chalk. Meanwhile Trey just put the chalk in his mouth and ran around like he'd never been outside before. He LOVES being outside. Basically begs to go out.
That little step right there was his source of fun for over an hour. He totally fell face first and ate grass a few times but he kept trucking away as if he had to conquer it. Up and down and up and down.
 He loves playing with Alissa and Lucas. They are so cool.
 Lucas is a nut. He and Alissa had so much fun with the water guns.
 Into everything. My life revolves around keeping him out of things and places he doesn't belong.
 Playing with the chalk.
Such a cutie pie. He needs a haircut so badly. I plan to take him tomorrow. 
 I love that his pants are undone. No idea how this really happened, but it makes me laugh.
 Me and My Buddy! I love him so much. Such a sweet little guy. He loves giving kisses.
This was a fun day.

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