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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Finally A Good Day

Today was a better day. We needed a better day. Trey has been sick making things that much more hectic around here. After spending 3 hours at the clinic yesterday I didn't want to leave the house - and we didn't. We played all day. It was fun and stress free. We went outside to play on the deck because it was a beautiful day. (If you're wondering if it was cold enough for Trey's winter hat (lol) it probably wasn't. It was maybe in the 60s but I made Trey bundle up since he had a cough.) We played forever in Trey's pretend kitchen. He cooked me delicious cheeseburgers, hotdogs, and ice cream. We built a house out of Legos on his new play table. He really likes it, but really only gets into it if someone is playing with him. We wandered down to the basement in search of my keys to check the mail and ended up going ADD and cleaning the basement and garage. Trey had fun playing with all the toys we found cleaning up. After nap time when I enjoyed 2 new episodes of Duck Dynasty, I even managed to cook an amazingly delicious meal!! Outback's alice springs chicken. Thank you Pinterest. Here's the link if you're interested. Reccommended by Bruce for sure.

I took some cute pics of our beautiful boys to remember the occasion.
Can you catch me mommy?
This was a fun game. "Don't take my picture!!"
Admiring his new "cool boots." He loves them.
Our kid is so beautiful
"Hold still, Trey!" Yeah right mom!
Can't catch me!
Hudson is sleeping and oblivious. Can't wait til they can play together.
Oh yeah, I totally posed this one.
Loves playing on his castle. So glad we brought it up on the deck.
How far can I go without falling?
He loves to play.

Little Hudson sleeping the day away