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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Man Cub

I don't want to jinx anything, but Trey has been sleeping like a rockstar lately! He has been sleeping up to 8 hours straight, eating then going back to sleep for another 4 or so hours. Plus, he takes 2 naps during the day. It has been amazing!! Momma is finally getting some sleep. Granted, he's almost 10 months so it's about time! But I will take what I can get! I love the little bugger. His walking has improved in the past week and he's walking across the whole living room now. Standing up and walking on is own is becoming easier and we can hardly keep up with him. It's crazy that he is walking already!! I just can't believe it.
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Monday, November 8, 2010

9 Months

Getting Around
I guess this is the area where Trey has made leaps and bounds in the past month. You can definitely say Trey is ahead of the game when it comes to cruising/crawling/walking. I chase this boy around all day!

I kindof wanted to do a progression chart that shows how Trey got to where he is today. As of yesterday he took his first steps. I knew it was coming soon. He was starting to balance on his own for a long time without holding onto anything. The only thing left was for him to get the guts up to take a few steps. It finally happened yesterday and Bruce and I were both there to watch. It was very exciting to say the least.

1. Pulling up on things. The coffee table, the couch, drawers, the dishwasher, walls, toys and my legs. Pretty much anything that's sturdy.
2. Cruising. The coffee table is definitely his favorite, but he cruises along pretty much anything. Usually patting his way along.
3. Moving from object to object while standing. If 2 toys are close enough, he will hold onto one while reaching for the other and make his way over.
4. Walking with his toy that he pushes around to help him balance/walk. Really wobbly but getting the hang of it.
5. Balancing while standing, but not holding on to anything. This started happening a couple of weeks ago. He would be holding a toy while standing up, let go of the couch/coffee table and just stand there on his own, rocking back and forth between his toes and heels. This is when I knew he was close to walking.
6. RUNNING with his toys that he pushes around. Dude man can fly!
7. Walking from object to object taking 1 or 2 steps. This started last week. He would be holding on to the coffe table and reeeeach out while concentrating really hard on the couch. Then take the 1 step in between the two to get to the other. He walks from coffee table to couch to end table and then drops to the floor to crawl around. He knows how to get where he wants to go.
8. Taking his first steps on his own. He did it! So proud!!!

(Trey started crawling right at 8 months, but I didn't add it because it doesn't really have anything to do with walking.)

His sleeping habits are pretty much identical to last month. Due to sickness, we've had a couple of bad nights where he wakes up 3-4 times in one night, but he usually only wakes up once to eat. I'm hoping we get back on that schedule REAL soon! Momma needs her sleep.


This area hasn't changed much either. I am starting to give him more of the food I eat, like mashed potatoes or bread or veggies. He was eating sweet potato fries at MacCool's last night. Yummo! He eats baby food 2-3 times a day and is breastfed mostly. He is much better at putting food into his mouth and actually swallowing it. Like the puffs; he doesn't gag anymore. He loves crackers but has a hard time gumming them enough before he tries to swallow, resulting in some choking. We're going to have to break it into pieces or lay off for a while. He still struggles with the sippy cup. He cant figure out how to get anything out. We're still working on it.

No new words this month. Just alot of jibber jabber. He doesn't really way "mama" anymore, and "burp" has turned into more of a "up", but everything is "up." He's starting to make more sounds, which is fun to hear. It sounds like he has his own language that makes no sense. I love it.

Trey will play with his toys for a bit, but most of his time is spent crawling around and getting into things. I cannot get him interested in books. I have tried to read to him but he is way too much of a wiggle worm to sit still for it. We have a couple of musical activity centers where Trey will stand there and play with them while pressing buttons, playing piano keys, or flipping things back and forth. He has a couple of cars that he pushes around while walking behind them, and like I said before, he is FAST! The Hills let us borrow a big toy that has a door that swings open, mailbox, light with a switch, and doorbell among a few other things. It talks and tells you what you are doing like "light on" or "goodbye" when you shut the door. Fun stuff!!

Quirks and Special Notes
Trey is still going through that phase where he has to have his momma. When he's fussy he even cries when I leave the room. Bruce is trying really hard to break that trend, but it's a challenge. Even though he seems uninterested in daddy right now, his face lights up when Bruce walks in the room. It's precious.

Trey can wave, clap and give a high five on occasion. All are absolutely adorable.

He still loves to take naps in his swing. This is a lifesaver!

He still cries and gets very upset when I use the hairdryer, vacuum or blender. It makes me laugh even though he seems traumatized.

At his 9 month well-baby check up he weighed 9 lbs 5 oz and was 28.5 inches long. He is still in 9 months clothes but fits some 12 months. Still size 3 diapers.

Bath time way very well be his favorite time. He KNOWS whats happening when we go in there and start running the water. Last night I turned on the water and started taking his clothes off when I realized he had a poopie diaper. So I turned the water off and walked to his room to clean him up. You would have thought the world was ending! He started screaming and crying! I told him we're going right back, but he wasn't happy until we were back in there with the water back on. He looked at me with the biggest smile on his face and started bouncing up and down. He couldn't WAIT to get in the tub! Such a funny baby.