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Thursday, April 7, 2011


Last weekend I left Trey with Gigi and Daddy Mac to kick up my heels and have a little fun. It was the longest I had been away from the little man thus far. I had him completely weaned a couple of weeks before and was ready to test the waters of life without a parasite. LOL! The Italy Girls got together in Savannah for an extremely fun getaway that was much needed by all of us. With all that's going on in our lives, it was nice to be able to relax and have fun. Ashley G and I drove together from Huntsville to meet Ashley Ward at Katie's house in Atlanta. We all spent the night (attempted 3 girls in a queen sized bed) and then rode together to Savannah the next morning. After checking in to our hotel we walked to a little Mexican place I saw on the way in called Cilantro's. We talked and laughed over a pitcher of margaritas and ended up ordering another due to all the fun we were having. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. It was therapeutic.

After 2 pitchers and a great buzz later, we, or should I say they, decided we should go browse through antique shops. This just isn't my thing I guess because I was bored...however, just about anything can be fun when you're with your best friends and extremely tipsy so of course we had a wonderful time. Trying on funny glasses from 1950something. Calling Jenny to ask some very important Italy questions to which she nor us had the answers. Later that evening we had dinner at Crystal Beer Parlor where we were freezing to the bone and were waited on by a very interesting and questionable lady. However, the food was delicious (I had jalapeno cilantro hot wings) and the vibe was fantastic. Chalk this up to #2 in the books of fabulous finds by Mrs. MacNeill. The next day we ventured out in the cold to wander the squares set up around the city and eat lunch. We made our way toward Mrs. Wilkes Boarding house to unexpectedly find a long line winding its way around the building. We found out that this place was 1. amazing 2. about a 90 minute wait. We started talking to people in line and decided to stick it out. Two hours later we made it in and ate some of the best fried chicken of my LIFE! The four of us sat at a table with a family of four where there was fried chicken, cornbread, about 20 different sides and a bunch of sweet tea. Pretty much like Thanksgiving on crack. It was unreal. Later that night we did a mini pub crawl, got some unprecedented smokes and met up with Netherland and Jessica. Finally! Our whole group was all together and it was time to get down with our bad selves. We ate at Molly MacPhereson's Scottish Pub for dinner - fab find #4 - where we had more tasty food and beer. There was a debate going on comparing these 2 hot celebrities. My guy is Cam Gigandet (Black and white pic), Ashley G's guy is Wentworth Miller (color pic). I'm not saying Wentworth isn't hot, but that smile on Cam is to die for. I'll let you decide.

After dinner we went to the Rooftop Bar and danced the night away. Me and Ashley G had our dancing shoes ON! The next morning I felt like I had ran a marathon my body hurt so bad. After 6 girls got ready in one room, we walked around town and basically basked in the much-longed-for sunshine. We took a carriage tour, shopped at the market, and drove to the lovely Forsythe Park. For dinner we ended our vacation with a bang and ate at The Olde Pink House - check that one off Netherland's bucket list. We left the next morning knowing we would be back together soon. Hopefully with all 8 of us there. We missed Jenny and Kristen. I know it sounds cheesy, but these girls are the best friends you could ever ask for. We can be ourselves and talk about anything. It's an amazing thing. I love you girls.

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  1. great post! i miss all you girls already, seriously!!!