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Sunday, August 8, 2010

6 months

Reading over my last entry (June 17), I realize Trey is still on that exact sleeping schedule. It works well for me. He's still waking up once at night to eat, then goes right back to sleep. Not too bad; I can't complain. 

Trey is 6 months old today! What a big boy he is. He weighs 17.5 lbs :) We love him more and more every day as he gets more and more fun and entertaining.

At 6 months Trey loves to:
* Bounce in his exersaucer for about 30 minutes at a time.
* Sit in his bumbo seat - esp. to watch and help mom in the kitchen.
* Roll across the living room floor. He started rolling all the way over about 2 weeks ago, now he can't stop.
* Take at least one of his naps in his swing.
* Smiles at everybody. Is such a happy and well rounded baby.
* Loves the pool and bath time - is playing with toys and splashing around.
* Loves to sleep in our bed at nap time.
* Reaching for anything shiny or electronic. 
* Stand up. All is right with the world if you let him stand. Maybe we have an early walker.
* He has been sitting up on his own since 5 months, but needs absolutely no help now.
* Still scratches the crap out of his face when he's tired, therefor I am still swaddling him when he sleeps. I feel like he may be too old for it, but he sleeps good and that's all that matters. Sometimes he gets out. Hilarious!
* He can soothe himself to sleep if I lay him down beside me in our bed and he can soothe himself to sleep in the swing, but I am rocking him to sleep at night; which I love to do.
* We tried the "cry it out" method a couple of times but it broke my heart, so I decided against it. He really doesn't need it though. He falls asleep really well most of the time.
* He will wake up on his own in the mornings and not cry but just lay there and talk. It is precious and I live for moments like that
* He will swing forever just dozing off occasionally. It's pretty funny because he's just chilling with his hands up on the tray, not making a noise. He's very self reliant and can entertain himself.
* Big Daddy Mac is here this weekend. He was on business in CO and decided to stop over for a couple of days.
* Trey likes to patty pat pat everything and likes to throw his toys and his paci. It's a great game.