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Monday, March 14, 2011

13 months

Preface: This will sound like I am bragging about my child (which in all honesty I am so proud of him so I probably am) but I really just want to have something to remember what he is up to at 13 months.

He is such a climber and a daredevil (see picture.) He is totally fearless and wants to climb on everything.We went to the park yesterday and he made it all the way up the jungle gym by himself and slid down the slide. I have got to learn not to worry about him so much. Will that ever happen? Ha!

When asked, Trey can point to his nose as well as others. When I ask where his tongue is (and stick mine out) he will stick his out. When I ask for a hug, he will hug me so tight around the neck. When I ask for a kiss, he will stick out his tongue and lean in for a big wet one. 

He got an Elmo mail box toy that has 5 differently shaped blocks that he can put in the correct hole as well as letters he can put in the drop box in the front. When I ask where Elmo is, he will point to him.

He loves to brush his hair with his brush. We just got a new toothbrush to brush his two front teeth and gums.  Soon he will have two new front teeth on the top – I can finally see them peeking through.

Moving up to size 4 diapers was the best idea ever. I had no idea how much we needed to move up to the next size until I finally did it. 18 month clothes are a bit big, but 12 months are too small. He’s somewhere in the middle.

He has a new weird phobia of shoes. He pitches a fit when I put any type of shoe on him. However, he loves to try and put them on when no one is looking. 

He loves straws and wants to grab any straw in sight. Then once he gets it, he wants to try and put it in the hole in the cup. It’s all a game to him.

His hair is starting to get really long and I don’t want to cut it. I want him to have Beiber hair. Eventually I will cave, but for now I adore it. 

When he gets the chance, he loves to run around naked. It reminds me of Rugrats when they discover being “nakey.”

He did so well when we drove the 9 hours to Virginia. He took two naps and watched some Baby Einstein. I was extremely impressed.  He is starting to act a bit more interested in dvds….especially when he’s strapped in a car seat and doesn’t have much of a choice :) However, going to Ruby Tuesday’s when we got there may have been a bit too much to ask of him. He was so rambunctious; he wanted to run around and personally I didn’t blame him. Eating out is not worth the struggle I go through.

We got to video chat with Bruce this week and Trey was finally awake for it. It was priceless. They really miss each other. In other news, Bruce has a flat top. No comment.

We’re down to one night feeding and he will probably be weaned this week. 

We’ve tried whole milk, skim milk, 1% milk, milk with strawberry, and formula. All of which he wanted nothing to do with. I’m almost to the point where I’m going to give up on it. 

I think when he says “ung” it means dog. 

He loves to play with Maggie. He likes to play keep away from her with her toys. I don’t think she likes the game as much as he does. But it sure is funny to watch. 

He likes to push the buggy/stroller instead of ride in it. 

He can give an awesome high five and is working on “knucks.” Instead of putting all of his fingers in a fist, he sticks his pointer finger out and bumps knuckles. 

While his vocabulary seems to be increasing, not much of it makes sense. I guess his baby talk is increasing. More sounds. More fun!

He will randomly cover his eyes to play peek-a-boo!

He *hates* when people wear glasses, goggles, hats, helmets or anything of the like.

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