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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Funny Little Guy

Sometimes Trey does the funniest stuff and totally cracks me up. It is amazing how a 10 month old can already have so much personality. Now that he's walking all over the place, he can sometimes get out of my sight. Lately he's been wandering down the hall, trying to find something to get into. One morning I hear the door slam and I go to see what's going on. He has gone into the office and has shut the door on his own and is giggling inside. I knock on the door and slowly walk in. He puts his head to the floor and is laughing at himself as if he's discovered a secret I don't know about. I sit down on the futon and watch quietly. He is getting such a kick out of opening and shutting the door. (The door isn't closing all the way because our doors are jacked up, the latch never catches.) He is able to use those chubby little fingers to pry it back open, watch it swing out and then slam it shut again. He now does this to all the doors in the house. He especially likes to do this with the pantry door, along with pulling everything in sight off the shelf.

In our guest bathroom there are three drawers and in the bottom drawer are a bunch of old shower curtain hooks. Trey loves to open and shut drawers, but especially this one. The hooks clank around and make lots of noise. There is a particular gold hook with a big gold ball on the end. He searches until he finds this hook and then walks around with it until I find him with it and take it away. He loves that gold hook.

I am praising the Lord because Trey has slept 12 STRAIGHT hours the past two nights. It is so wonderful. He has gradually made his way here after 10 months. He used to get up every four hours, but slept 12 hours. Then he started sleeping 8 hours, woke up to eat, then went back to sleep for another 4 hours. But 2 nights ago was the first night EVER he slept 12 hours straight. I couldn't believe he did it again last night. Of course, my boobs don't exactly know what to think, but we will learn to deal because this is a gift from God!

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