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Friday, December 17, 2010

Everything Happens in Stages and Phases

I've learned that with a baby everything happens in phases and stages. And this is a bittersweet realization. For instance, if you are going through a phase where you aren't getting very much sleep, you will come out of it eventually and everybody will sleep like a baby. And there is nothing better than coming out of that phase. But I had a stage that went away and I was heartbroken. Trey decided a month or two ago that he did not want me to rock him to sleep. He would squirm and worm his way out of my grasp until i had to just lay him in his bed, pat his back a little, and let him fall asleep on his own. This lasted a few weeks, but as a result, he started sleeping better; sometimes going 8+ hours without waking up. (Trey has never really been a good sleeper until recently. His max would be around 5+ hours.) So I embraced the new phase and got used to not rocking him to sleep. About a week ago, he started either falling asleep while I nursed him, or actually letting me rock him to sleep again. I was in love all over. It is such a sweet and special time for a mother. I was scared that he would go back to his old sleep routine, but actually he started sleeping even longer! Now he's up to 12+ hours of unblemished sleep. (Which since he goes to bed at 7ish, gives mommy 8+ hours of sleep.) It took my body some getting used to it, but I slept 8 hours straight the other night for the first time since I was pregnant. Hallelujah!

Another phase he is going through is so funny! He sucks his top lip in to where it completely disappears and it looks hilarious. It mostly happens when he's eating but I find him doing it every so often and he makes me laugh. When I do it back to him, to try and get him to mimic me, he doesn't understand. He just laughs at my silly face. Can't you tell we have fun together?

As of about a week ago, Trey can officially stand up on his own. Before, he would have to crawl over to a wall or something steady and pull himself up to walk. Now he bends over in the downward dog yoga position and lifts up. I am so proud of him! And it is absolutely adorable!

When I hold my arms out to Trey and tell him to "come here" he gets this huge smile on his face, shrieks with excitement, puts his head slightly down and almost runs to me. I grab him in a big bear hug and smother him with kisses. It is precious and one of my favorite things we do.

I have been on a reading FRENZY lately. I guess I'm averaging about a book a week or so. Especially when I'm really into it. I started this new series called The Luxe by Anna Godbersen. It has been a wonderful break from the Rick Riordan books I've read recently with all the monsters and magical powers and whatnot. Which are great in their own way, but I wanted something different. It is a young adult romance set in 1899. The fashion and history about what life was like back then has captivated me. It is told from the perspective of 5 different people, all from different backgrounds and social statuses. There is mystery and scandal and sweet love. I haven't read a plain old romance in a while and it's like a breath of fresh air. There are 4 books in the series. Book 1 was addictive and wonderful. I started book 2 last night and it is just as good. Reading is my way of escaping from everyday life. I'm so thankful for it.

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  1. love your honest blogs Kristi! Iris has never been a "snuggly" baby, and has never(except when sick) let me rock her to sleep. So any small chance I get to rock her when she is so pooped she cant fight it, I take it! Just for mommy snuggle time! :)