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Friday, August 17, 2012

Trey version 2.5

It is hard to believe but Trey is officially 2.5 as of August 8. He is such an amazing kid. I couldn't be prouder of him. He is your typical 2 year old. Full of energy, always talking, obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, a big-time love bug, extremely stubborn, and wants to do everything by himself! Mr. Independent!

My Loves!
Riding the carousel at Dulles Town Center

We have had such a fun summer! Bruce has been home for the majority of it and we've been spoiled having him around. We go to the pool as often as the weather will allow us (it's been extremely rainy/cloudy/thundery and the pool closes if it thunders) Trey LOVES the water and is completely fearless. He loves to jump in off the side (he even jumped off the diving board at Grandaddy's pool) or for us to throw him or flip him. He can't swim of course, he has to wear arm floaties, but he THINKS he can. It's terrifying. He will jump in without them on and just flail about until we lift him up and he just laughs and laughs. Apparently he thinks drowning is funny. Not sure how to handle this situation.

Jumping off the diving board at Grandaddy's pool

Cousins on the 4th of July

Trey is still an excellent sleeper - he just LOVES to sleep!! He's been sleeping in a toddler bed for quite a while now and he loves it. The transition was much easier than anticipated. He still sleeps with a pacifier. To be honest, we just haven't had the guts to take it away. I'm hoping it's gone by the time he turns 3. So, he sleeps about 12 hours at night and takes a 2 hour nap. I am SO blessed. It has especially been nice when I want to take a nap too. I hope he keeps this up when baby brother arrives. I'm going to need all the sleep I can get.

Just waking up from an epic nap!

He can be a picky eater at times. He eats veggies a good bit, loves asparagus and raw broccoli with ranch dressing, but will not even try fruit other than bananas. It's a mystery to me. His favorite foods haven't really changed, but he will try more new things for me and I am grateful. He really liked the chiken spaghetti and chicken casserole I made recently. I started making Mickey pancakes and cheese toast for breakfast (not at the same time ha!) and he loves those! Mickey cakes!! Chee toast!! He still will not drink milk well, but loves cereal and milk so that's good!

He is 37" tall and weighs about 30 lbs. He's still skinny and tall, so most pants are hard to fit. He's little in the waist and has long legs. I recently went to buy new jeans for the fall and the 2T at Children's were huge! Shorts are easier - he's still in a size 18 months hahaha but some 2T fit. However, I have to buy 3T pajamas and shirts. He's difficult to shop for. I'm sure I have many years of this ahead.

He has an adorable obsession with animals. It's what he loves to play with, read about, talk about. His favorite animal (for now) is the hippo. He has a couple of hippo toy figures that he never lets out of his sight, a hippo pillow pet, and hippo pajamas. Maybe he'll be a zoologist or a vet or something.

While Bruce went to Canada on his bi-annual canoe trip, Trey and I drove to Alabama. We had such a great time. He LOVES his cousins! Alissa, Lucas and Whitney were there. They play well together and are fun to watch.

Alissa and Lucas were like big brother and sister to Whitney and Trey.

Our family on the 4th of July

Playing on the trampoline at Maw Maw's house

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