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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I love you little I love you big I love you like a fat little pig!

Some quirks and tidbits that I want to remember about Trey...

He loves music. If he hears a tune, he will stop what he's doing and either do a kind of dance that's more like bouncing while squatting or he'll bob his head. It's great.

He is easily distracted while eating. He wants to do anything but eat when he's in a high chair. Eating in a restaurant is particularly difficult. He is twisting in his seat and looking around. Basically he hates to sit still. Sometimes when we're at home, I opt for the "eat on the run" method - where I just let him play and feed him bites when he comes up to me. It's actually pretty successful. As Aunt Kimberly says - Who said they HAVE to sit in a high chair to eat? She's the innovator of the method.

He's started this new thing where you ask "Where's momma?" and he'll point his chubby little finger at me and poke on my chest. Or "Where's Trey?" and he'll point to himself. I asked where daddy was and he pointed to a pillow we have with Bruce's picture on it. So far he knows who Gigi, MawMaw and Pa John are. He's getting so smart.

The other day we were shopping in Carter's with Gigi in Charleston and we were trying some flip flops on him. You would have thought we cut his feet off. He started crying and pitching a fit. At first we thought it was the part that went between his toes that wigged him out, but he did the same thing with the sandals too. It was so funny. I tried another pair of sandals on him at Target yesterday and he did the same thing. I have no idea why he doesn't like sandals.

His favorite word is mama. He says mama for everything. There is some jabbering mixed in there, but mama is his favorite.

He is almost completely weaned at this point. I nurse him only at night now - occasionally maybe once during the day. It has been a gradual and saddening process, but I reckon it's time. Nursing has been such an amazing experience for me. I have solely been responsible for keeping this child alive for a whole year. What an honor. I feel so blessed to have been able to nurse him so well for so long. I'm honestly going to miss it. My mother says I'll have another one to feed soon enough...I guess she's right. I HOPE she's right. I pray I'm able to nurse any other children we may have.

We still have nights where he wakes up some. (Augh!)I can't remember the last time I was able to sleep through a whole night. But by golly he GOES to sleep like a champion! He never puts up a fuss. He'll often fall asleep while I'm rocking him, but I can lay him in the bed fully awake and he'll go to sleep on his own. This applies for nap time as well. Sometimes it takes him a while to fall asleep - I'll hear him in there talking until he finally gives it up. But he never cries. I am so grateful for this!! His naps are still around 2 hours long. And if he sleeps the normal amount of time that he's used to, he wakes up in a great mood. He'll sit in there for a while just talking and rolling around and gradually waking himself up - but if he is in there too long he'll start yelling MAMA!! As if to say "Get your butt in here! I'm awake and I know you're out there!" It makes me laugh.

When we went to Charleston to see Katie and David Maggie stayed with Kristie and Sean. When we got back into Birmingham we met up with Kristie to pick up Maggie. Trey acted like he was seeing a long lost friend. He reached his arms out and gave her the biggest hug. Twice. Since then he has been trying to give her hugs and once even tried to give her a kiss. He's such a love bug. Just like his daddy.

While we were in Charleston I went shopping with Katie two days in a row and left Trey at home with either Glenda or David. It was fun and liberating. I love being with him so much but am grateful for the times I get to myself. In April I am planning to go to Savanna, GA with the Italy Girls for the weekend. It will be my first experience away from him overnight. Pray for us both :)

He's started climbing. And it's dangerous. He started out climbing up Katie's huge staircase - which he thought was the most fun ever and now he's trying to climb up and down little steps, but those little steps can make for big falls. He's had so many knots and bruises on his noggin. We had our first "bloody" accident the other day. He fell on a cup. Of all things. His face hit the edge of the cup (which was a bit jagged) and cut him right under his nose. I tried to stay calm but I was secretly freaking out. I'm not ready for!

Little dude is addicted to Orange Juice. It's all he wants. I try to give him whole milk but he wants nothing to do with it. He makes a face every time! He will somewhat drink water. But when I give him Orange Juice, he'll drink the whole cup no problem. He gets it from me. I love Orange Juice.

He eats alot of table food now. Almost to the point where I am going to quit buying baby food. I may keep a few of the "fruit and oatmeal" or just plain fruit around for breakfast, but I'm done with the dinners like "chicken and rice." Some of his favorite foods are chicken, spaghetti, macaroni and cheese, field peas, steak or hamburger (chewed up - he still only has his two bottom front teeth.) He's becoming such a big boy!

He loves to play with his paci. He loves to have one in his mouth and carry another one in his hand - switching them out periodically. He loves to put his paci in other people's mouths. He loves to put his paci in something bigger like a cup or bowl and shake it around. While eating, he loves to put a bite of food in his mouth and then immediately put his paci in while chewing. Then take it out for the next bite. I think its all a game for him. His paci is definitely his favorite toy.

He's officially in size 4 diapers. They are much better! He's also moving into 18 mo clothes. He's definitely an average sized baby. Nothing crazy. I'm interested to see how tall he'll be.

There is a point in a baby's life when you start realizing they are getting smart enough to use some of the knowledge they have acquired in their short lifespan. And it's amazing. It only gets better from here. I am one proud mama. He is one cool dude.

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