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Sunday, October 24, 2010

War Eagle Baby!

We've had such a fun and exciting football season so far. Auburn, along with Cam Newton, makes for one amazing team and it is a great time to be an Auburn Tiger. Hopefully we can keep up the hard work and make it to the National Championship game. This weekend we watched as Auburn defeated LSU over at Annie and Ryan's house with Brad and Jacquie. Trey had fun playing with Bryn who is about 10 months older than him. I think playing with other kids around his age has been a great way for him to learn new things. Two weeks ago, after he saw another baby crawling, he started crawling the very next day. And now, after playing with Bryn, he's learned to wave and clap! His wave is the cutest, most lopsided wave ever and it is precious.

Now that Trey is crawling, things have changed a bit. Obviously, he is on the move and getting into everything, but he loves to follow me everywhere I go. I left him in his room on the floor while I went down the hall - I peek my head around the corner and here he comes! Making his way as fast as he could. He's getting so smart and he pays attention to everything. He's not walking yet, but I get the feeling he is happy with crawling for now. He gets where he wants to go. He still likes to cruise around the coffee table and push his car around, learning to balance. It is fascinating to watch him grow and learn.

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