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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hudson is 1

Hudson and I are hanging out by ourselves this morning. He's up early and  Trey is still asleep. This time is precious because it rarely happens. 

Hudson is walking and standing up on his own. He started walking at 11 months (2 weeks before his birthday) but by his birthday, he was a pro.

He loves to eat! Loves bananas, bread, chicken nuggets, FRENCH FRIES, strawberries!, lasagna. He eats most everything I give him. Which is great! I feel like he will eat anything we are having for dinner, and I don't have to fix him something separate.

He is talking a little saying "uh oh" "dada" "mama" sometimes he seems to say "all done"

He loves Trey. His face lights up when he sees him. It is so precious. They play well together, even though Trey can be a bully and is constantly body slamming Hudson and taking his toys away. I'm hoping Hudson will be better for it - super tough and a tough skin.

I have been weaning him for a little while now. He has been nursing twice a day, morning and night, for about 2 weeks. For the last two nights, he has eaten a bottle of milk (milk skim, half whole) for his nightly feeding. It's very exciting and encouraging - especially since Trey would never drink milk for me. I plan to have him completely weaned by Friday, giving him a bottle in the morning as well.

Hudson can give high-fives and play peek-a-boo! He gets really excited about both and they are so adorable.

We went to the Leesburg Animal Park on Saturday for Hudson's birthday with Uncle Josh. There were lots of cool animals there and of course Trey loved it. He is fearless when it comes to those animals. Fear. Less.



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